What is Points2Shop?

Let me tell you about this awesome website I've been participating in lately, called Points2Shop. This is one of those 'Get Free* Things' sites. But, Points2Shop is not just a GPT site, it's the BEST GPT site on the Internet. You might be thinking, 'why is it so great?' Well, I'll tell you why. Points2Shop offers a lot more than other GPT sites. Most sites unlike Points2Shop only have offers. That's it. Points2Shop has games, contests, a weekly lottery and an awesome community. Points2Shop has over 400,000 members and a very active ShoutBox.

*When they say 'Free', they mean no money out of pocket. It DOES NOT mean they will just hand you a pile of cash.


How is this possible?

Most people just don't believe that they can get free stuff on the internet. Well, I can tell you how Points2Shop can offer free stuff. Member like myself go and complete free offers** that we are interested in. When I successfully complete an offer, Points2Shop gets paid. Then they give a bigger portion of it to me. Points2Shop gets paid by the advertisers for bringing a new person to their site and I get free points that I can spend on Amazon.com.

**Sponsored offers may include free offers, surveys, free trials, free quotes, small purchase on a credit card (Your choice, I've never done a paid offer) or membership applications.

What can I get from Points2Shop?

A better question would be, what CAN'T you get from Points2shop. Points2Shop offers: video games, PS3s, Xbox 360s, Wiis, games, gamers' points*, I-Pods, cloth, books, tools, computers, TVs, DVDs, CDs, toys, even cookware, basically anything that is sold on amazon.com. Most people just go for the simple things like, Microsoft Points, Wii Points, PSN Cards and games. If none of those interest you, you can get Gift Cards for a lot of stores**. You can also withdraw your cash to PayPal, E-Gold, etc. I have gotten a lot of stuff from Points2Shop. Ipod Touch is the one people notice the most, but I got a lot more! To check some of the prizes, go to the Proof Page.

* Gamers' Points include Free Microsoft Points, Free PSN Cards, Free Wii Points, Free Itunes Cards, Free RuneScape Membership, and Free Xbox Live.
**They have Gift Cards for Target, Best Buy, GameStop, and more!

Proof that Points2Shop works!

Free Ipod Touch from Points2Shop

Free PS3 Games:

Free Games From Points2Shop
Ordered Modern Warfare 2 for free from Points2Shop.
Free PS3 Controller from points2shop
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Modern Warfare 2 Free From Points2Shop