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Free PSN Cards is what every PS3 gamer needs. We use Free PSN Cards to buy new maps for our favorite games. We use Free PSN Cards to buy downloadable games, but why pay for them? Keep reading and I will explain how you can get Free PSN Cards.

How can this work and is this legal?

What you normally do, is go to the store and buy PSN cards. Then you enter the code in the PS3 store and get money in your wallet. What you can do now, is get Free PSN cards and do the same thing. This website, Points2Shop, can afford to do this because advertisers pay for it. This means you can get 100% Free PSN Cards legally and easily.

Is there proof this works?

Of course there is proof!!! Tons of people get Free PSN Cards from Points2Shop every day. I myself have received Free PSN Cards. It was very quick and easy. (Now I have all of the maps for Call Of Duty: World at War, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, Killzone 2, and some minor add-ons for other games). Free PSN Cards are not the only thing you can get on Points2Shop, you can also get Free Microsoft Points, Free Ipod Touch, or virtually anything from
Don't trust me? You don't trust me, do you? Well, you don't have. Upon entering the site, you can simply ask "Can I get Free PSN Cards here?" Real users in the live Shoutbox will answer you and tell you the truth.

Three simple steps are standing between you and your Free PSN cards.

Here are the 3 steps:

Step 1: Sign up
You have to sign up for Points2Shop by


Once you are on the home page, click JOIN NOW under the spaces for log in. You can also click the big green 'Sign Up' button. They will ask you for your email. I recommend you enter your real email, since you will have to confirm it, also they will never spam your email. You should also put in your real address, since you Free PSN Cards will be mailed to this address. After signing up, you have to go your email and click the link in it. This will confirm your email and give you a bonus $2.5 (250 points).

Step 2:
Complete Simple and Easy Free Offers

Now that you are signed up and email confirmed, its time to do some easy surveys. You will have to do about 25 of these simple to complete offers, to receive your Free PSN Cards. It takes me less than 3 minutes to complete each offer. Do not forget to click 'Mark As Complete' once you are done with the survey. So, in about an hour or two, you should have enough points to proceed to the next, fun step.
You can also play games to get points, not only that, you can win the lottery, participate in contests, and more!
Here is how I do an offer. That took me 3-5 minutes to do and i got 90 points in less than 2 minutes after completing the offer. That's 90 points closer to that Free PSN Card!
Step 3: Redeem you Free PSN Cards!!!

This is the fun part. In this step you will get to order your Free PSN Cards. To do so, you have to go to "Spend Points" on the top green bar. Then click "Popular Prizes", scroll down and you should see Free PSN Cards picture. If its not there, it means no one has ordered it in the last hour. You then have to type Free PSN Cards into the "Find Free Rewards" box. 

Add to the cart and you are DONE!!! 

That is all you have to do  to get you Free PSN Cards!!!

Points2Shop now emails Free PSN Cards! All you have to do is order it with your points (now less points, since there is not shipping cost) and you will see a Free PSN Card code in your email!

Note: Do you want to get that Free PSN Card emailed to you? Well, Points2Shop can't do that, but if you join PrizeRebel (by clicking "PrizeRebel"). PrizeRebel is not as good as Points2Shop, but it emails PSN Codes. There are no games, lotteries, ShoutBox, etc, but they allow to redo offer. So, if you massed up, you can do it again! Since you only need 20 points (1 point = 1 dollar) you have to do less offers, you don't have to pay for shipping. They email those Free PSN Codes in less than 2 days. I got mine 2 Free PSN Codes in less than 36 hours. They just send you an email with a Free PSN Code. Than you simply enter that Free Code on your PS3 and you are ready to buy some new games and add-ons!! If you want Free Games and such, join Points2Shop instead, its much better for that. If you want Free PSN Codes join PrizeRebel.

Thanks for reading!

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