We had a series of requests for a guide for Modern Warfare 2 game to the new row of the stand by e-mail. We talked to some top pro, and there is even some decent video guide to thought we were going to go over some key points.
First you have to think about what type of gamer are you? Are you playing solely to get those vital points XP? Are you doing to help the team and win the game? Are you playing for the glory of winning the game alone without help? Are you playing to improve their kill ratio of death? Once you have answered yes to any of these questions, you can then look to develop a strategy around your goals.
If you go for XP points a great way to get some XP is by inserting tactics, hiding their sparkle very close to the base every time you rebuild that can be constantly attack there flag. Capture of flag that gains fifty points each time, at least, grasp, not to mention if they go back for a cool 250 points. If you are playing to help the team should change its microphone and communicate as much as possible in order to help the team. Trying to capture and return the flag in hunting packages is much easier to do everything by yourself. If you enter a team of three, separated by about ten meters per player and run to the flag, then the person can see in the second, where the man was murdered in front and so on and so forth. In the following Modern Warfare 2 Guide to the corridor, flag that will aim to cover the game from a different point of you. Are you trying to get their death rate to kill or are you trying to be the hero of the team and win an instant?



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